Automated Car Wash: 9 AM - 7 PM Daily | Detail & Auto Spa: 9 AM - 5 PM Daily
(604)-370-5511 for Car Wash | (604) 340-7744 for Auto Spa & Appointments

Our Promise

We aim to deliver to our customer a car wash experience of exceptional quality, with great value,
friendly service, and, of course, a clean car! We utilize environmentally-safe, biodegradable soaps
and solutions to keep your car and the local environment clean, giving you a great car wash that you
can feel good about.

Our Equipment & Products

At Richmond Auto Wash we use Macneil Car Wash Systems technology in our tunnel wash. We start with
Macneil’s RS-Series brushes featuring Envirosoft 2nd Generation Closed Cell Foam, which provide a polishing
effect with the unique brush design, and deliver the safest, gentlest and most effective soft foam car wash
in the industry. Unlike other touch car washes, our brushes and gentle and soft, plus they are cleaned after
every wash so they won’t scratch your vehicle!

We also use Macneil’s Magnum Wheel Boss foam brushes to get your rims looking shiny and new. All our soaps
and solutions are powerful yet gentle, and are biodegradable to keep the environment clean. Finally, our Tech 21
Drying System provides a superior and quieter drying performance while using less energy than other drying systems.
At Richmond Auto Wash, we’ve got your whole vehicle covered, bumper to bumper, wheels and undercarriage!