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Our Promise

At North Shore Auto Wash, we operate a touchless autowash to the highest standards with regularly maintained equipment and environmentally sustainable cleaning products using modern technologies. We’re proud to be your local neighbourhood car wash, providing quality car care at a reasonalbe price while doing our part to protect the environment!

Our Equipment

North Shore Auto Wash is the only carwash in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland using the high quality LaserWash G5 system from PDQ Manufacturing. Through the use of powerful technology, the G5 S-Series delivers outstanding wash results. It starts with a customer-friendly and energy-efficient design. It continues with real-time system monitoring and superior wash performance.

Our equipment is designed to protect the environment by using the least amount of water possible, while still providing a top-quality car wash. At North Shore Auto Wash, we only use the best equipment from one of the most reputable businesses in the car wash industry to deliver the best results for our customers.

Our products

The car wash solution and chemicals we use at North Shore Auto Wash are supplied by Turtle Wax, a popular top-of-the-line brand in the car wash industry that provides high quality products to get the job done. Turtle Wax has you covered from bumper to bumper. If you want your car to be the cleanest and shiniest on the road, our products will do that for you. The Ice Instant Shine surface protectant used in our full service wash, The Works, gives your car that “new car” look and also improves windshield visibility in bad weather!

The Turtle Wax car wash products we use have been certified as environmentally safe for the car wash industry. These products are safe, effective and biodegradable — meaning you can drive away happy with a clean car and peace of mind. Turtle Wax understands the meaning of “clean care” both for your car and for the environment. So do we!

Our facilities

Our building was built to LEED Silver standards, and that’s just the start. We have our own water well which supplies all of the water used in the carwash and saves 20,000,000 litres of tap water from going down the drain every year. All of the water used in the car wash gets filtered and recycled on-site, meaning we use less water and you get a spot-free rinse every time.