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Touch or Touchless, which one is right for you?

We are proud to offer two different styles of car wash at our locations, a fully automatic touchless wash and a track guided touch wash. What’s the difference you may ask? Well, a few things jump out at you rather obviously, one touches your car, one doesn’t. However, there are many underlying features that come with both types of system.

Let’s start off with the capabilities of a full track guided system such as the one located at the Richmond Autowash. With these types of systems, you can add a lot to your tunnel to provide an even bigger range of services. Everything from tire shine rollers, rim brushes, and even paint polishers. But the biggest thing is the quality and accuracy of the wash. The soft bristles from our brushes allow us to reach into tight places that sprayers would just mist. This helps for a deeper and more accurate clean of your car, no matter the dimensions. This type of system is great for those who don’t have the time to constantly tend to their car, removing even the moss formed on an abandoned car!

For touchless however, we find that this system works great for those who like to personally care for their cars exterior but need to get that stubborn dirt off in the less opportune months. A touchless system provides the basic necessities needed to bring a car from dirty to clean. While it may not redeem itself in cool systems for tire dressing and the like, it definitely redeems itself as being a eco friendly alternative to wasting hundreds of gallons of water doing it yourself. With a streamlined touchless system, we are able to use roughly 25% of the water needed to do it at home.

Still don’t know which one is best for you? Come visit either of our locations and try for yourself!

RainX and How It Can Greatly Improve Your Driving Experience

It’s common knowledge that as the first rainfalls of the seasons arrive, accident rates skyrocket. These accidents get blamed on the driver and the conditions, and one of those can be drastically improved with RainX. No, spraying RainX on yourself won’t make you a better driver, but by putting it on your windshield and glass around your car, you can greatly improve your visibility to the point where you’re a safer driver.

In simple terms, RainX acts as a water resistant barrier between your windshield and your wipers. Hate when it starts to rain, and the spray from the car in front of you is constantly soaking your windshield with dirty water, making everything streak? RainX’s barrier is one that allows the wipers to make smooth contact with your windshield, allowing for it to effortlessly remove the silt filled spray that gets kicked up.

Though it’s mostly used on windshields, it has many benefits on other areas of the car as well. By applying RainX to your side mirrors, passenger windows, and rear glass, you can greatly improve your overall visibility of the road when it’s raining. It also helps as a barrier for the dirt that is in the water and will allow your windshield wipers to have a longer lifespan. Want to see for yourself? Come by see what The Works wash can do for you!

How keeping your car clean during the winter will impact the lifespan of your vehicle

We are all aware that as the winter months start to creep near, keeping your car clean can become a challenging task. Whether it’s the large amounts of road salt that gets put down each year, the constant water spray from the wet roads, or just general road dirt; there’s never been a better reason to get your car cleaned during winter. Getting a wash can impact everything from underbody rust to clear coat failure.

Rust; Rust is something nobody ever wants to see on their car, because most of the time, there’s really no feasible way to reverse it. There are, however, many ways to prevent it through washing your car. Road salt, whether chemical or natural, will act as a catalyst to the oxidization process, mainly in key areas, such as your wheel arches and underbody. These two areas can be protected by choosing a wash that has an undercarriage spray, such as our Regular and The Works washes. You can also prevent this by spraying your undercarriage and wheel arches with a hose as often as you feel is necessary compared to your driving habits.

Clear coat failure, though unsightly to look at, does not pose as much of a threat to the safety of your car, and normally won’t happen until the cars later years. You can make steps to keeping the clear coat intact, however, by leaving harsh dirt and road salt on your car for extended periods of time, you’ll not only make it that much more difficult to clean it off, but you risk damaging the top layer of protection on your paint. Simply by applying a liquid wax to your car at each wash, you will improve upon the protection the paint can offer to your car. Liquid wax will act as barrier between the harsh road salt and your paint, meaning your cars paint will be protected from the elements of winter driving.

But let’s not forget the first reason most people get their car washed in the winter…They want it too look great! Cars are their dirtiest during the winter months, and appearances are everything, so getting a clean car can be a big thing for some, whereas protection and car lifespan may be key for others.